Cleaning Tools

Cleaning your gear after every fishing trip does make a difference! We have lots of informative articles on the best way to clean your gear or incorporate into your business practices on our Publications page. Also, to make cleaning a breeze, consider carrying a small brush to help you with the job.

Imprinted Boot Cleaning Brushes

Make boot cleaning easier with our handy boot cleaning brushes. They are small enough to easily fit in a vest pocket but still big enough to do the cleaning job. The top of the brush handle is imprinted with a reminder to Inspect, Clean and Dry.

CAC boot-cleaning brush CAC boot-cleaning brush showing logo

The brushes measure 3"L x 2 1/2"H x 2"W and weigh about an ounce each. No color choice is available.

Why not encourage others to clean their boots? We have priced these brushes as low as possible in the hope that many anglers will want to purchase brushes to give away to others. Please consider ordering extras for your friends. If you are a guide, outfitter shop or other commercial company consider giving away these brushes to your clients and show them your commitment to helping in the fight against invasives.

Brush Price List

These prices include shipping and handling. To purchase, download our order form and send your payment via check or call us to process your credit card.

  • 1 brush = $7.50
  • 5 brushes = $16.00
  • 10 brushes= $26.00
  • 25 brushes= $48.00
  • 50 brushes= $71.00
  • 100 brushes= $132.00
  • 300 brushes= $325.00
  • For quantities larger than 300
    the cost will be based per brush
    with shipping charges added.
  • 301 - 500 = .95 ea
  • 501-1000 = .92 ea
  • 1000-5000=.90 ea

To order quantities over 300, contact us to place your order. For quantities over 5000 or for quantities other
than listed above please, contact us for pricing.

Ordering Information